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020-0850 e-Locking Pull Handle

TriMark's e-Locking Pull Handle
for off-road applications allows power locking/unlocking via a switch, remote RF FOB transmitter or keypad. Based on the proven 020-0800, this robust pull handle brings automotive function and convenience to your cabs and enclosures.

Other product details include:

  • Full gloved hand clearance and gas-assist moulded handle provide ergonomic comfort and ease of operation especially in high door seal load applications
  • Provides the ability to remotely lock the exterior pull handle (Note: handle is rigid when locked)
  • Glass mounting with only 2 holes
  • KeyOne Plus lock cylinder can be keyed alike with most single and reversible key systems
  • System kits are available and include handles, latches, accessories and keyless entry e-ASK systems to provide a comprehensive electro-mechanical access solution



TriMark Experiences Great Success at 2014 CONEXPO

The 2014 edition of CONEXPO was truly an event of global proportions. CONEXPO 2014 took centre stage in Las Vegas March 4-8 with total registration of 129,364 which soared past the 2011 edition of the show as it achieved the second-highest attendance in their history. More than 2,400 exhibitors were on-hand which set a new record. International registrations totaled 31,000 which is a 9% increase. The number of countries represented increased to 170 from 159 in 2011.



Bauma China
Nov. 25-28, 2014
Shanghai, China




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A Message from Keith Dolbear


The timing of these newsletters often coincides with a tradeshow of some kind and this one is no exception. This time, however, it is somewhat distant as it is bauma China which runs in Shanghai from 25th to 28th November. If any of you are visiting the show, then please drop by our stand at N3.546 and I would be delighted to see you. Better still, drop me an email and we can fix up a time to make sure I am around!

If you have not visited bauma China then you have missed something. It is so busy and vibrant and not like any other construction equipment show I have been to. It will be interesting to see whether the dip in the Chinese market will put a dampener on things or make things even more energetic as the fight for market share intensifies.

One of TriMark's strategic strengths is the ability to provide complete door systems. Our broad product line includes handles, latches, strikers, rods and accessories, key cylinders, actuators, ignition switches, key pads and FOBs, CAN I/O modules, and door kits. And because today's applications are increasingly integrating mechanical systems with electronics and computer controls, TriMark has dedicated itself to being the undisputed leader in mechatronic integration of access systems for personnel doors, access panels, engine compartments and hoods, interior compartments, windows, and vehicle controls.

As part of this development, we have just passed a significant landmark when a TriMark immobiliser has been built into vehicles built by a major Construction OEM as factory fitment and this has now reached the end user. This is an exciting time for us as we now become part of the extended market of security and anti-theft technology that is become ever more important in the UK and worldwide.

As usual, we welcome feedback and suggestions for what you would like to see in the newsletter so please feel free to drop me an email keithdolbear@trimarkeu.com or give me a call on +44 (0)7798 583323.

With best wishes,
Keith Dolbear
Managing Director


Visit us at bauma China November 25 28 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre Booth #N3.546

TriMark Europe continues to work with customers committed to high quality, reliable and best value equipment. In recent years we have been diligent in getting products to market in order to satisfy the demand from our customers as they fill the need of their own multiple customers wanting to not only upgrade their product but to localize the manufactured content as well. We invite you to visit us at bauma China to see how we can help you provide the very best in access solution hardware.



TriMark's Electronic Solutions in Demand Around the World


TriMark's expertise in system integration has evolved into a system category called Mechatronics, which combines mechanical and electrical elements to compliment telematics and other data management. Not only is this approach elegant and efficient, it lowers the combined cost for products and simplifies installation mounting and wiring for the OEM installation. Truly another example of smart design that solves problems and reduces cost and enables increased functionality.

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TriMark's Latest e-ASK Innovations Feature Integration of Access and Immobilization

Operators of non-automotive vehicles not only expect similar security and convenience features as their cars, but often, they have even higher expectations for such costly and critical machines.

TriMark's vision for the off-road industry includes satisfying construction operator demands with emphasis on increased security, functionality, and convenience. Included in TriMark existing and new portfolio of products are ruggedized keypads, wireless RF transmitter systems and access components with integrated sensors and micro-motors to complete the mechatronic interface for increased perimeter and system immobilization security.

TriMark Electronic Access ADVANTAGE:

TriMark's systems are designed for the intense demands of off-road industry including extreme temperature ranges, moisture, vibration, and electromagnetic compliance but also advanced communications to enable sophisticated telematics features including user identification, functional customization, and system diagnosis.

Click here for more information about TriMark's electronic solutions.


Our New and Improved Website


TriMark is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website - www.trimarkcorp.com. We hope you will appreciate the new presentation, colours and graphics which we feel are much clearer and easier to read than TriMark's last generation website.

We have placed most important subjects directly on the Home page and have reorganised the market structure in the Industry tabs, so be sure to check out our product recommendations for your application/industry. Also please note that the TriMark e-Newsletter is now open for review without logging-in as well as a new subject preview format that will make it easier to find and review relevant subjects.

We have tested the new site, but we're keen to hear your feedback at tips@trimarkcorp.com, be it good or bad, so if you spot anything or you find something that just doesn't work the way you would expect, then please let us know. Any feedback is good feedback and will help us to improve your on-line experience.

Over the coming months we will continue to build on the new site, adding new products and content.


TriMark Europe is a Global Leader in Latches


When we tell you that TriMark is the "global market leader" in rotary latches, you won't need to dig too deeply before you realize that this is more than just hollow hype. TriMark's rotary latch experience dates back over 30 years and during that period of time TriMark has been recognized as a real product innovator with multiple patents as well as many unique and exclusive features. We like to say that TriMark rotary latches are "Often Copied but Never Equaled."

TriMark is currently producing about 2 million units per year for a variety of customers and industries. These rotary latches, spanning the duty range from Light to Ultra Heavy-Duty, are produced as stand-alone products as well as being integrated into other finished products such as paddle handles and door modules. Integration of electronics is also available providing power locking, power release and door open sensing providing a complete "mechatronics" solution.

Rotary Latches Building TriMark's Global Reputation One Latch at a Time

TriMark offers the widest range of rotary latches and leads the industry in reliability and durability. Products range from basic stand-alone designs to integrated linkages. Offering a broad selection of rotary latch sizes, versions, features and options to meet virtually any application, all TriMark rotary latches feature the highest levels of quality, security and strength. TriMark has sold over 30 million rotary latches worldwide and is currently producing about 2 million units per year for a variety of customers and industries in the non-automotive vehicle markets.

But TriMark latching solutions go beyond rotary latches. Our extensive lines of compression, slam action hook, and sliding bolt latches are also worthy of consideration. The product range covers light duty through heavy-duty platforms/versions and applications including personnel doors, compartment/baggage doors, windows as well as hoods and access panels. In addition, all TriMark latch products are covered by TriMark's comprehensive worldwide warranty, giving you and your customers confidence and peace of mind.

Compression Latches
If you need a latch that is robust, will stand up to harsh activities and vibration and also meet requirements for environmental sealing, noise and airflow management then TriMark's proven line of compression latches will provide your best case solution. TriMark's compression latches, such as the 080-0400 CompOne Compression latch, 080-0500 Grapple Style Compression Latch or the 080-0200 Lever Style Compression Latch, may just be the solution you are seeking.

Slam action hook and sliding bolt latches
TriMark's line of economical slam action latches offers simple solutions to compartment and access door/panel applications. Most hook latches feature integrated handle and latch designs that provide combined functionality in cost effective latching solutions.

In addition, latch accessories such as striker/striker bolts, cage nuts, rods and clips, fasteners are available to provide a comprehensive access solution.

If your product application requires the finest in "job engineered" latches, then TriMark has the solution for you. Each TriMark latch is engineered to meet your high standards and expectations. And only the finest materials are used to manufacture TriMark latches which means your reputation for quality is assured.

Door Systems Providing the Big Picture Solutions for TriMark Customers

Designing and implementing a true full door system solution takes a wide range of products to ensure that all the components work together to form a rugged and reliable system to suit the intended application. TriMark's range of latches, handles, hinges, linkages, locks, accessories and related system components assure compatibility our products not only set the standards for excellence, design and value, they are proven in the field time and time again.

Considerations must also be made regarding system details such as opening/closing efforts, structural support, appearance, door construction, safety, security, ease of assembly, quality, durability, sound of operation and value. Our Application Engineering Experts are available to assist you in properly selecting the components and products to complete your individual system solution.

Click here for more information about TriMark latches.



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