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100-5020 TriGuard Heavy Duty Door Module - V2

This heavy duty, pre-engineered door hardware module provides automotive-like functionality and style in a low profile, easy to install one-piece module. Featuring TriMark’s 050-1600 Heavy Duty Latch, this robust product allows for power locking and is compliant to FMVSS 206 and ECE Regulation 11 strength requirements.

Other product details include:

  • Heavy duty modular construction is supplied fully assembled and tested - reduces door assembly as much as 50% to 70% - improving vehicle cost and throughput
  • Improved serviceability in the field and ability to retrofit into existing applications
  • Interior locking mechanism provides additional safety foroccupants
  • Single motion egress

System kits are available and include power lock actuators and electronic accessories including custom wiring harnesses, relays, switches, door contacts, actuators and mounting hardware to provide a comprehensive electro-mechanical access solution.













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A Message from Keith Dolbear


Welcome to TriMark Europe Newsletter Number 13! 

I hope it is not too late to wish you all a “Happy New Year”. Let’s hope that 2016 will be a good year for us all.

After a successful exhibition stand at DSEI (see more details below) we are looking forward to the “big one” at bauma2016 which is being held in Munich from 11th to 17th April and our next show of our products for armoured vehicles at Eurosatory in Paris 13th to 17th June. I very much hope that we will see you at one or both of these events.

I would like to thank all of the participants in our customer survey which went out in April 2015. As we've come to expect, TriMark's customers once again offered their insights and opinions. Here are just a few of the findings from the survey:

  • Our delivery, lead-times and responsiveness had slipped a little at that time and this was reflected in some of the replies. Since that time, our metrics have improved and we hope that this is being seen by our customers. We are also working on further initiatives to make improvements in this area.
  • Customer service, communications and support functions received high marks
  • Product quality/reliability ratings received high marks
  • Our Engineering, Technical Support and Project support received a mixture of ratings from very good to below average and we are addressing those concerns in 2016
  • New products and Off-the-Shelf products - you want more and we have more coming along ………… we will be also be conducting a product needs survey later this summer to help us plan the pipeline.

To those of you who took a few minutes to share with us, we say a heartfelt "thank you!"

I hope you find this newsletter helpful and interesting and as ever, please let me have any suggestions for future content.


Keith Dolbear


TriMark Showcases Armoured Vehicle Products At DSEI


TriMark showcased its Armoured Vehicle products at DSEI - the world leading defense and security event - September in London. TriMark's new 100-5020 Heavy Duty Door Module - V2 was the major focal point. In addition, TriMark featured its TriGuard line of heavy duty latches, linkages, handles and door modules specifically developed for heavy duty armoured vehicle applications.

TriGuard Product Line – A Systems Approach

Offering security, reliability and modularity, the TriGuard line of TriMark's heavy duty latches, linkages, handles and door modules are specifically developed for heavy duty armoured vehicle applications. These robust door product/systems simplify vehicle/door mounting with reduced attachment points and door assembly. Already proven in several blast tests the 050-0850 heavy duty latch/striker survives in punishing environments and provides rotor/cam assist to heavy doors/armour and hinges helping to compensate for door sag. These products can be used on retrofit, up-armour applications or new surface mount vehicle construction and can be purchased as separate products or complete one-piece modules ready for installation. In addition, the TriGuard line of products is fully compatible and offers flexibility and adaptability to suit your specific application needs.

TriMark Website Update

TriMark completed an update to the section of its website devoted to the Armoured Vehicle market.



This section of the website includes a comprehensive listing of products and components developed for this demanding market including the TriGuard line of products as well as COMMANDoor powered door system.



Whatever Your Need TriMark Has the RIGHT Rotary Latch Solution for You


You may already know that TriMark has produced over 33 MILLION Rotary Latches - making it the global leader in Rotary latch solutions. And while this number is very impressive in and of itself, the TriMark rotary latch story goes well beyond mere numbers.

The range and breadth of the Rotary Latch product line has been built on years of careful engineering evolution as well as successful customer experiences with the full range of latch options. Leading the industry in reliability and durability, products range from basic stand-alone designs to integrated linkages for both FMVSS 206 and non-206 applications. Offering a broad selection of rotary latch sizes, versions, features and options to meet virtually any application, all TriMark rotary latches feature the highest levels of quality, security and strength. In addition, all TriMark Rotary Latch products are covered by TriMark’s comprehensive worldwide warranty, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Rotary Latches Basics

When you’ve made over 33 million rotary latches it is easy to forget that, while we at TriMark may be intimately familiar with the complete product offering, we need to be constantly aware that our customers also need to be “in the loop” about our rotary latch platforms and sub-platforms. We thought that it might be a good idea to re-visit the basic configuration options for our rotary latches (single and two-rotor latches) as well as a more comprehensive look at the full range of available latches.

Two Rotor 

TriMark's proven two rotor latches lead the industry in reliability and durability. Products range from basic stand-alone designs to integrated linkages for both FMVSS 206 and non-206 applications. Available in a wide variety of versions and options, they offer robust latching functions in several cost effective designs.

Single Rotor

TriMark's extensive single rotor latch products range from compact compartment latches to FMVSS 206 compliant latches. Available in a wide variety of versions and options, they offer reliable latching functions in several low cost and compact designs.

Many rotary latches are produced as stand-alone products as well as being integrated into other products such as paddle handles and door modules. Integration of electronics is also available, providing power locking, power release and door open sensing providing a complete mechatronic solution. In addition, accessories such as striker bolts, cage nuts, linkages, rods, cables and clips are available to provide a comprehensive access solution.


Reinforcing the broad spectrum of applications, TriMark is currently producing about 2 million units per year for a variety of customers and industries:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Mass Transportation Vehicles (Buses and Rail)
  • Armoured Vehicles
  • Trucks and Trailers
  • Toolbox and Enclosures
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Specialty Equipment (Utility Bodies, Ambulances, Firetrucks)
  • Power Sports

Let TriMark Help You!

Are you having trouble getting the rotary latch solution you need?
As the global leader in providing rotary latch solutions, TriMark will have the answer that is right for you. Whether it is one of our proven and time-tested off- the-shelf platforms/products or a fully-custom solution requiring the full skills and expertise of TriMark’s product development experts, we know you will be more than pleased with the TriMark access solution designed just for YOU!


Ukrainian Armor Selects TriMark


As a result of TriMark's presence at DSEI 2015, the 100-5020 TriGuard Heavy Duty Door Module has been selected for use on a new armoured personnel carrier designed and built by Ukrainian Armor Company, located in Kiev. 

The urgent nature of the build programme presented several challenges in making the door systems available in-time, but TriMark Europe had “off the shelf” designs that worked without modifications. It is expected that production for the 5-door vehicles will be built throughout 2016.

As well as providing the main door hardware systems, TriMark will also provide secondary door hardware products from TriMark’s TriGuard line of heavy duty cam locks and grab handles.

The quality and functionality of the V2 door modules was such that Aleksandr Kuzma, Director at Ukrainian Armor, was pleased to declare "The door system is excellent - the best solution in Ukraine!”



TriMark Engineers Wear More than One Hat


TriMark engineers are a very talented group!

The TriMark Engineering Team is comprised of both mechanical and electrical engineers. More and more of the access challenges we tackle involve the combining of both mechanical and electrical skill sets into “mechatronic” access solutions. This integration continues to pay dividends for TriMark customers as we have evolved into a recognized leader in this area of expertise.

Now that you know about the skills of the engineering team, let’s take a closer look at how these tools and skills are brought together to solve problems and tackle customer challenges.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions are Just One Way Application Engineering Benefits Our Customers

While we know and understand each market may require its own unique product solutions – RV entrance doors are not the same as construction equipment personnel doors, for example – TriMark always checks the full complement of current product platforms to determine if we have a product solution that could be readily available or easily modified.

Growing the Solutions Base

We are always expanding our Off-the-Shelf product solutions base; so many times we can provide an access hardware solution without having to “reinvent the wheel.” We’ve developed a simple graphic which helps us explain to customers how TriMark approaches the Product Development Process access options and solutions.

Application Engineering

If standard Off-The-Shelf products do not provide the solution for your immediate needs, we have two additional product options available or TriMark can develop an all new design that’s engineered specifically for your requirements and application.

Many times we have components available that can be assembled in a different Bill of Material that does not require anything further than a part number release. In addition, we can modify existing products based on the application needs, thereby shortening the development cycle which our customers appreciate.

In its most basic definition, Application Engineering means that we are applying all kinds of technology to tackle a customer challenge. For example, a TriMark customer may come to us and say, “this is what I want to do" and we then figure out what kind of product and technology we will need to employ to solve that challenge. The truth is TriMark manufacturing will also want to be able to manufacture a product in as easy and efficient manner as possible, balancing the product vs. volume requirements. At the same time, the TriMark customer wants and expects the best product to satisfy their requirements.

It’s the job of the TriMark application engineer to see that both objectives are accomplished. TriMark engineers work closely with our customers early in the development process in order to select and/or design the best access hardware product thereby avoiding unnecessary product and engineering expense.

Bottom Line - TriMark Can Offer a Full Range of Platform and Product Solutions – Just Ask Us!



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