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The NEW West Alloy 030-7100 Recessed Paddle Handle

The NEW West Alloy 030-7100 Recessed Paddle Handle is a redesign of the popular 3240, 3295, 4140,4160, 5150 and 5155 Paddles for entrance doors on construction, agricultural, material handling and specialty vehicles. It contains the same proven mechanical details as previously with the added benefits of TriMark’s KeyOne Plus™ locking system.

Other product details include:

  • Easy to install with supplied fixing screws and a choice of housing seals
  • Direct replacement for the popular West Alloy 3240, 3295, 4140, 4160, 5150 and 5155 Paddles
  • The KeyOne Plus locking system allows the operation of multiple onboard locking hardware with a single key
  • Several actuation drive levers are available depending on the door thickness and corresponding latch interface
  • Available in standard black or silver powder coated finish

System kits are available and include latches and accessories to provide a comprehensive mechanical access solution.







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A Message from Keith Dolbear


It is bauma time again! Every three years, the "big one" in Munich comes around and I hope that many of you will be able to stop by our stand at A5.511. The show runs from the 11th to 17th April.

This year, we are launching our brand new patent pending, 050-1900 8mm Single Rotor Latch. This is the first public showing of this new product and we are very excited by the opportunities offered by this range. Visit us at the show and have a look! 

We are also showing our latest heavy duty compartment handle/latch, the 080-0500 product that we call the "Grapple". This has proven to be a market leader for tough applications such as tracked excavator covers and compartments. Also, check out the other TriMark Compression latches featured in an article below.

A new development from the West Alloy range is a new KeyOne Plus™  variant of the Caraloc Paddle handle, 030-7100. This update allows this popular product to be fitted with a much increased range of key options and so will allow it to fit many new applications.

Last, but certainly not least, is the featured e-ASK range of security and convenience keyless entry systems. You will be able to see the latest engine immobiliser demonstration along with remote access options such as RF and keypad power locking. You will see more information on this in the main part of this newsletter.

Hoping that we see you in Munich!

Best wishes


Keith Dolbear
Managing Director
TriMark Europe Ltd



TriMark Announces New Products


050-1900 8mm Single Rotary Latch

TriMark’s newest innovation in rotary latches, this product features a robust modular design that offers extensive actuation locations and options providing application flexibility in a compact design. Designed for medium to heavy-duty applications for on or off highway personnel, compartment door and door hold-open applications; this single rotor latch is available in both FMVSS 206 and non FMVSS 206 configurations.

Other product details include:

  • Modular case construction is preconfigured with multiple actuation points on the front case allowing top/bottom actuation including stacked actuators as well as combinations of actuation points providing the most configurable rotary latch ever designed
  • Its compact size and shape allows maximum use of door space and minimizes visibility issues without compromising strength and robustness
  • Rotor provides for vertical clearance of strike allowing for door sag, misalignment and ease of installation. 
  • Two position rotor versions for personnel door and single position versions available for compartment and door hold-open applications

System kits are available and include handles, latches, accessories and keyless entry e-ASK systems to provide a comprehensive electro-mechanical access solution.



TriMark Compression Latches may be the solution you are seeking!

TriMark has several "off the shelf" Compression Latches that are designed to provide consistent gasket compression for vibration dampening and elimination of rattle and noise. Models range from light duty panel latches up to heavy duty latches designed and tested for demanding work environments and high vibrational loads. All TriMark Compression Latches deliver easy and simple gripping capabilities, resulting in intuitive and trouble-free operational performance. They come in various styles, fixed/adjustable compressions, hand, tool or key actuation and duty ranges that will stand up to harsh environments and vibration and also meet stringent requirements for sealing, noise and airflow management.

TriMark's compression latches, such as the 080-0500 Grapple Style Compression Latch, 080-0400 CompOne Compression latch, 080-0700 Light Duty Hook Latch, 080-5600 Compression Hook Latch or the 080-0200 Lever Style Compression Latch, may be the solution you are seeking.


080-0500 Grapple Style Compression Latch

This grapple style compression latch is designed for compartments, access panels and hoods for off-highway vehicle applications that are subject to high vibration loads. Offering 6mm of compression, the 3 robust  opposing jaws work with a striker diameter of 9.5mm, providing a high level of resistance to vibration, shock and wear.


080-0400 CompOne Compression Lock

TriMark’s 080-0400 CompOne Compression Lock combines the compactness of a cam lock with smooth and secure pull-in functionality. Featuring 5mm of compression with a 180° turn of the key or tool drive, this robust lock is intended for gasketed doors, is fully adjustable, water resistant and easy to install.




080-0700 Light Duty Compression Hook Latch

This cost effective, light duty lever-operated compression hook latch provides a secure over-centre action to keep panels rattle free and secure. Designed for applications where the latch and keeper are surface mounted on the same plane, folding the handle lever down pulls mating in-line panels tight.




080-5600 Compression Hook Latch

This simple lever operated compression hook latch provides a secure over-center action and the spring-loaded eye-hook incorporates tension to keep panels rattle free and secure. Designed for applications where the latch and keeper are surface mounted on the same plane, folding the robust lever down pulls mating in-line panels tight.



080-0200 Lever Style Compression Latch

This product is designed for light to medium duty compartment doors, access panels and hoods for off-highway vehicle applications. This heavy duty lever action fixed grip compression latch offers a long lever handle for increased door closing leverage, simplicity of operation and comfortable grip.

So if you need a Compression latch that is robust, stands up to harsh activities and vibration and will also meet requirements for environmental sealing, noise and airflow management then TriMark's proven line of compression latches can provide your best case solution.






TriMark's Latest e-ASK Innovations


TriMark has provided mechanical and electronic access solutions for over 43 years and is well known as a leader to the many industries we serve throughout the world. Our comprehensive component and system integration allows for complete keyless entry, security, and ignition control for varying levels of sophistication for on and off-road vehicles, machines and other equipment.  

TriMark’s expertise in system integration has evolved into a system category called Mechatronics, which combines mechanical and electrical elements to compliment telematics and other data management.  Not only is this approach elegant and efficient, it lowers the combined cost for products and simplifies installation mounting and wiring for the OEM installation. Truly another example of smart design that solves problems and reduces cost whilst enabling increased functionality. Operators of non-automotive vehicles not only expect similar security and convenience features as their cars, but often they have even higher expectations for such costly and critical machines.

The last official figures from the UK Government Home Office showed that the annual theft of plant equipment was £70m in terms of capital equipment losses, but it is known that the insurers see that figure as conservative as their pay outs are approximately ten times higher. Much of the plant is not insured or is self-insured, so the real losses will be even higher. IMIA (International Machinery Insurers Association) guestimates that costs to European insurance industry overall is circa 4.5 Billion Euros per annum.

TriMark Security Solutions for Off-road Applications

There are two key areas of emphasis for Off-road security, namely securing the access of cab and immobilising the machine operations. The latter is key initiative for increasing demands for owners and managers of construction equipment. 

TriMark’s vision for the off-road industry includes satisfying construction operator demands with emphasis on increased security, functionality, and convenience.  Included in TriMark existing and new portfolio of products are ruggedised keypads, wireless RF transmitter systems and access components with integrated sensors and micro-motors to complete the mechatronic interface for increased perimeter and system immobilisation security.

With the integration of access and immobilisation, TriMark provides essential elements to meet this global trend for security.  TriMark has many proven systems for securing access by locking door systems, but new developments to provide increased immobilisation features allows for the multiple subsystem control, such as ignition switch, starter, fuel pump, and/or transmission.  Furthermore, TriMark technology incorporates SAE J1939 CAN communication for further immobilisation via machine data exchange.  See diagram below. 

As thieves target more construction equipment, not only are equipment owners demanding more security to protect their investments, further law enforcement and insurance industry experts are organising incentives for owners of machines.  This is most prominent in the UK where these organisations provide insurance discounts for equipment with access and immobilisation security. TriMark access and control systems, such as the immobiliser, are fully cabable of Thatcham accreditation which triggers insurance discounts in the UK and other countries.

TriMark Electronic Access ADVANTAGE:

  • Rugged and reliable systems for off-road applications
  • Compatible with CAN SAE J1939 or other vehicle multiplexing protocols (LIN or RV-C)
  • Integrated systems with modular mechatronics
  • Advanced technology expertise
  • Ability to integrate with various vehicle, machine, and equipment electronic sub-systems
  • Patented Intellectual Property
  • Full service supplier
  • Off the shelf solutions or custom hardware designs or software development
  • Excellent design and applications support
  • Global presence – US, EU and Asia

TriMark’s systems are designed for the intense demands of off-road industry including extreme temperature ranges, moisture, vibration, and electromagnetic characteristics but also with advanced communications to enable higher end telematics features provide user inputs and interface.  These communications conform to SAE J1939 CAN protocols and enable more effective integration of intelligent modules for OEM vehicle communication architecture. 

In short, TriMark's user interface products provide a communication gateway to enable OEMs to customise machine features to specific needs of operator, fleet manager and owner. Data is acquired and can be "mined" immediately or later for OEM and/or fleet management review of machine usage, diagnostics, productivity, and accountability purposes.

TriMark’s comprehensive components and systems selection allows for complete keyless entry, security, and ignition control for vary levels of sophistication for on or off-road vehicles, machine, or other equipment.  Standard electronic controls are available for immediate integration, but also custom adaptations can be provided for specific OEM and customer requirements. These access and immobilisation systems add a further dimension of functionality, convenience and security to ever increasing advanced vehicle architecture.  By networking with existing vehicle components, TriMark’s modules are complementary for achieving optimal vehicle utility.

For more information, please visit www.trimarkcorp.com  or call +44 (0)1530 512460.



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