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080-0500 Grapple Style Compression Latch

This new 080-0500 Grapple Style Compression Latch is designed for compartments, access panels and hoods for off-highway vehicle applications that are subject to high vibration loads. Offering 6mm of compression, the 3 robust opposing jaws work with a striker diameter of 9.5mm (.375 in), providing a high level of resistance to vibration, shock and wear. Other product details include:

  • Its use in gasketed applications meets requirements for environmental sealing, noise and airflow management.
  • Locking options include a standard padlock hasp with key locking provision to add a cam lock for increased security or keyed alike to common lock codes to match paddle actuators used for operator enclosures or are available non-locking

System kits are available and include handles, latches and accessories to provide a comprehensive access solution.

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Bauma Munich

April 15 - 21, 2013

May 14-16, 2013

September 10-13, 2013




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A Message from Keith Dolbear


It is bauma time again and let's hope that we do not get another Icelandic ash cloud or anything else like it this time! As usual, TriMark Europe will have a stand and we hope to welcome many of our friends and customers to see us at A5.511. Those who do not know bauma, will not realise how big this construction and mining equipment show is! It is quite remarkable and is open from Monday 15th until Sunday 21st April. You can find more information at http://www.bauma.de/en.
We will be showing a wide range of products including our KeyOne Plus single key locking system, which allows a wide range of flexible key options throughout the whole vehicle. We are also launching two new products for compartments in the off-road sector and we will be pleased to show these to our visitors. We will also be demonstrating our wide range of ‘mechatronic' components and systems branded as e-ASK (Electronic Access and Security Keyless-entry).

I mentioned in the last newsletter that this is a busy year with tradeshows for TriMark Europe. In February, we were part of the bCIndia exhibition in Mumbai. The b stands for bauma so it is not hard to work out that this event was focused on construction equipment. We were very pleased with this event and it was good to meet with many of our customers that up to then had been contacts by phone or email as well as the many new contacts that stopped by. In addition to enjoying some sunshine, it was very exciting to see how fast things have changed in India. It has been a few years since I attended such an exhibition in India and I was amazed how much the quality and specification of the machinery has progressed. I suppose I should not have been so surprised, as I had already seen the same thing happen in China.

Next in line is PlantworX, between 14th and 16th of May and TriMark is delighted to be part of the Security Village. This is a show aimed at demonstrating construction equipment and is close to my heart, as it is being organised by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) of which I am pleased to be on the Management Council for this excellent organisation. The show is being held at Stoneleigh and those of you in the UK will remember that this is where the ‘Royal Show' (agricultural) used to be held. I know that Rob Oliver and his team are setting up a lot interesting events around the Security Village and we are very proud to be part of this. Again we hope to see many of you at this event too.

We round off the year with DSEI which is held in London at the ExCel Centre from 10th to 13th September 2013. This is a show where the strength and quality of TriMark's range comes to the fore, as it features armoured vehicles. I invite you to come to the show and take a look at our market leading products on our stand.

As usual, we welcome feedback and suggestions for what you would like to see in the newsletter so please feel free to drop me an email keithdolbear@trimarkeu.com or give me a call on +44 (0)1530 512460.

With best wishes,
Keith Dolbear
Managing Director


TriMark is a Leader in Providing Electronic Solutions for On and Off-Road Applications


We all know how the application of electronics technology is changing the way we live and work. TriMark has been one of the leaders and innovators in using electronics as a way to provide convenience and security to many of their access solutions.

Our ambition is to make access and use of the vehicle easier and safer thanks to our products. Considering the needs of both the OEM's and the end users, TriMark develops mechanical and electrical system solutions that are useful, beneficial and add value to our customers' products. TriMark systems are now able to communicate with common multiplexing protocols of on and off-road vehicles as well as providing integration with vehicle security systems. This approach promotes OEM systems integration and ultimately creates increased productivity and an enhanced end-user experience.

One of TriMark's strategic strengths is the ability to provide complete door systems; our keyless access control system adds a further dimension of functionality, convenience and security to our systems. This selection of compatible components allows for complete keyless entry for on or off-highway vehicle applications. Our product platforms range from latches, handles and linkages for mechanical products and RF transmitter FOBs, keypads, I/O modules, power lock actuators and a wide variety of accessories for electronic products.

If security, safety and convenience are three of the major attributes your customers' demand, then TriMark is the answer. Full functionality and state-of-the-art design and manufacturing means you can depend on TriMark electronics to be working many years down the road.


In a recent survey 70% of the respondents felt that, "security of the equipment was very or extremely important when considering purchasing equipment and 38% rated the importance of electronic entry access very or extremely important." Whether in off-road or on-road configurations, security is fast becoming an issue with more expensive electronics in the cab as well as a deterrent to vehicle theft.


If you've ever stood next to a large piece of equipment you realize almost immediately that just entering and exiting the equipment can present challenges and safety concerns. If a door can be opened remotely then the operator has both hands free to make a safe transition from the ground to the cab. Also, activation of the equipment lights can provide a safe path for an operator to approach the equipment when it is parked on rough ground.


The automotive industry really sets the pace when it comes to the use of keyless entry systems and other electronics. When the operator of a large truck or piece of construction equipment is comfortable in the work environment they are going to approach their task with a more positive attitude which makes them more productive.

e-ASK Products
e-FOB Transmitter

Several options are available for e-FOB's that are compatible with most TriMark e-ASK keyless entry systems:

  • Value priced 2 button FOB and 2 button wall-mount provides freedom and convenience of placement for remote
  • 2 Button key head FOB packages the ignition key inside the FOB for convenience
  • 4- Button FOB is available in a standard and a cargo mode to allow for either traditional automotive features or independent control of main entrance or compartment doors. A sustained mode is also available that provides a continuous output control for various auxiliary functions.
  • High security – code hopping technology offers reliable radio frequency (RF) transmission and is FCC-Part 15 certified


TriMark's user-friendly keypad systems provide visual, audible and touch feedback. Keypads can be mounted horizontally, vertically, and with means to protect against vandalism and other tampering. This integrated system offers increased security, convenience and functionality with reduced system installation complexity and lower installation costs.

Engine Immobiliser – Stop Machine Theft

The theft of off-road vehicles is becoming an increasing problem as professional thieves have turned their attention to this sector as passenger car have become increasingly difficult to steal. This presents an increasing threat to the owners and users of equipment as stolen equipment, at the very least, translates into lost productivity. If the owner wants to protect the investment, eliminate the high cost of theft and recovery plus realise potential insurance savings due to increased machine security, TriMark has the perfect solution. An illuminated weather-proof five button keypad with over 15,000 code combinations will not allow the vehicle to start unless the proper authentication is present. This e-module communicates with the engine control module via a CAN bus and offers the ultimate in vehicle security by disabling the starting system. A tamper lock-out feature ensures that thieves cannot bypass the starting system. In addition, two security system inputs can be accommodated such as keyed ignition, keyless ignition, door ajar, glass break or motion sensors. Other machine subsystems such as ignition, transmission, hydraulics can be activated/deactivated to provide flexible and comprehensive immobilisation and/or access functionality.

Used in conjunction with TriMark's Secure One locking system, you get the ultimate in mechanical key security with the added advantage of the electronic engine immobiliser. Further integration of the TriMark e-ASK (electronic Access Security Keyless-entry) system can provide immobilisation via water proof (IP67) RF fobs.

This technology presents an opportunity for the vehicle OEM's to offer a differentiated and more attractive package to the owners and users.

Mechatronic Systems
Upgraded complete mechatronic door systems can include other user interfaces, such as keypads or RFID and additional security system peripherals. Kits are available and can include handles, latches and electronic accessories including custom wiring harnesses, relays, switches, door contacts, actuators, mounting hardware, sirens and lighting to provide a comprehensive electro-mechanical access solution.

Power Lock Actuators

TriMark has several high quality power door lock actuators available with a variety of features and configurations. The actuators have been tested and validated to meet stringent requirements thus insuring a long life of trouble free operation.

TriMark power actuators are designed for TriMark handles and latches designed to perform a push/pull function and they are easy to install either by integrating mounting directly into available TriMark latches and paddles or with universal hardware parts for flexibility. High output versions are also available for latch actuation featuring power release.

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TriMark Europe Attends Global Tradeshows


TriMark to Showcase New Products and KeyOne Plus Single Key Locking System at bauma Munich 2013
15–21 April 2013, Munich
Booth Number A5.511

As Keith mentioned in his introduction, bauma Munich will be an exciting show for TriMark as it attracts many of our OEM customers. These customers will be attending to view and evaluate new and exciting products from TriMark and other vendors that may be used in their own future products.

TriMark to Introduce the New 080-0500 Grapple Style Compression Latch

This new 080-0500 Grapple Style Compression Latch is designed for compartments, access panels and hoods for off-highway vehicle applications that are subject to high vibration loads. Thanks to its patented design, it is able to provide a high level of resistance to vibration, shock and wear. See more details under New Products in the left column or Click Here for more information.

We invite you to stop at the TriMark booth to view the Grapple Style Compression Latch and other new products as well as products designed to make your equipment more secure.

TriMark Participates in bauma India as Part of Global Expansion

From February 5th – 10th, 2013 in Mumbai, India, TriMark had the opportunity to introduce its resources and capabilities to one of the most rapidly expanding markets in the world. More than 28,000 visitors and 710 exhibitors from 33 countries had the opportunity to investigate how TriMark Access Hardware Solutions have become so well-respected, world-wide.

Pictured above: Kevin Roths, Director of Global Sales and Business Development, Keith Dolbear, Managing Director of TriMark Europe, and Tim Saxby, Sales Manager in attendance at the 2013 bauma India Tradeshow

"As a result of increasing inquiries for TriMark products from this market, we determined that the timing was advantageous to become much more visible and accessible to India's OEMs," states Keith Dolbear, Managing Director of TriMark Europe. "In addition to the introduction of our comprehensive Access Hardware Solution systems and products, we are also seeking representation in this market."

Kevin Roths, TriMark Director of Global Sales and Business Development, attended the show and was impressed with the high-quality of the visitors. "Having not displayed at this show in the past, we were very much in an assessment mode relative to the number and quality of the visitors," he states. "We had some very high-quality visitors to the TriMark display and the conversations we had were very positive. Many of the visitors commented that they liked what they were seeing in TriMark's approach to providing product and system solutions that were appropriate for their market."

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