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080-0500 Grapple Style Compression Latch

This new 080-0500 Grapple Style Compression Latch is designed for compartments, access panels and hoods for off-highway vehicle applications that are subject to high vibration loads. Because of its patented designed, it is able provide a high level of resistance to vibration, shock and wear. See more details Click Here.
Other Product Details Include:

  • Its use in gasketed applications meets requirements for environmental sealing, noise and airflow management.
  • Locking options include a standard padlock hasp with key locking provision to add a cam lock for increased security or keyed alike to common lock codes to match paddle actuators used for operator enclosures or are available non-locking

System kits are available and include handles, latches and accessories to provide a comprehensive access solution.



TriMark Showcased New Products and KeyOne Plus Single Key Locking System at bauma Munich 1521 April 2013.

bauma Munich was an exciting show for TriMark as it attracted many of our OEM customers. These customers attended to view and evaluate new and exciting products from TriMark and other vendors that may be used in their own future products.

bauma is the uncontested Number One trade show for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.
Here are some of the numbers from this incredible event:

  • 530,000 visitors from over 200 countries
  • 3,420 exhibitors from 57 countries

Just to put it in perspective, Bauma China 2012:

  • Around 180,000 visitors from 141 countries
  • 2,718 exhibitors from 38 countries


  • 120,000 registered attendees
  • 2,400+ exhibitors

Thanks to all TriMark friends and customers who took the time to come visit our stand!



NTEA Work Truck Show 2014
Mar. 5-7, 2014
Indianapolis, IN

Conexpo 2014
Mar. 4-8, 2014
Las Vegas, NV




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A Message from Keith Dolbear


2014 has arrived and so now is a good time to reflect on the old year. Most of our markets bounced back faster than we expected from a grim end to 2012. This was sustained though the rest of the year and so 2013 ended up being pretty good. The talk is now of a sustained recovery and so let's hope that 2014 will be even better for all of us!

You might remember from previous newsletters that we were very busy in Europe with tradeshows in 2013. It was good to meet some of you at these, namely bCIndia, Bauma, Plantworx and DSEI. Although we did not exhibit at Agritechnica in 2013, we took the opportunity to "walk" the show and it was good to see the spread of our door hardware onto more of the high powered tractors on display.

Some of you will know that I am active in the Construction Equipment Association (CEA), which is the UK trade association for the industry. One of my tasks, and pleasures, in the CEA is to be Chair of the CESAR Scheme. CESAR is a secure method of permanently identifying a piece of plant or equipment such that the ownership can then be checked 24/7 by the police. At a recent meeting of the CESAR Management Committee, Barry Mudie, the Liaison Manager of the Police Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU), presented a report on the 5 year progress on theft reduction for plant and agricultural equipment. I was amazed at how much has been achieved with a focused approach to this major problem and where the UK is clearly leading the way. As the report states, "The Metropolitan Police Stolen Vehicle Unit working with Thatcham has introduced security standards for construction and agricultural machinery. The "One key fits all" syndrome is becoming a thing of the past, with many major manufacturers fitting unique keys and immobiliser technology as standard".

Let me take as an example the PANIU statistics for thefts of JCB products. Barry goes on to say, "JCB have been fitting CESAR as standard since November 2007 on all UK products. Unique key and immobiliser technology has been phased in across most products, which attains the Thatcham 3* standard on just about all products, where it is possible to do so. JCB "Live Link" their own telematics system which is fitted to over 16,000 machines in the UK". In the 12 months starting from October 2008 a total of 836 JCBs were reported as stolen in the UK. In the 12 months starting from October 2012 the number of JCBs reported as stolen was down to 335. This is a remarkable reduction but it is even more impressive to find that of these 335, only 67 were less than 5 years old. It is absolutely clear that these initiatives are working as most of the vehicles stolen today are old and not fitted with this technology!

TriMark is working with a number of OEMs to improve the security of vehicles and our extensive range of electrical and electronic systems complements our mechanical ranges of hardware. Why not see what else we can do with you?

As usual, we welcome feedback and suggestions for what you would like to see in the newsletter so please feel free to drop me an email keithdolbear@trimarkeu.com or give me a call on +44 (0)1530 512460.

With best wishes,
Keith Dolbear
Managing Director


Attending CONEXPO? If so, Please Plan to Visit the TriMark Booth!



TriMark's Latest e-ASK Innovations


TriMark has provided mechanical and electronic access solutions for over 43 years and is well known as a leader to the many industries we serve throughout the world. Our comprehensive component and system integration allows for complete keyless entry, security, and ignition control for varying levels of sophistication for on or off-road vehicles, machines and other equipment.

TriMark's expertise in system integration has evolved into a system category called Mechatronics, which combines mechanical and electrical elements to compliment telematics and other data management. Not only is this approach elegant and efficient, it lowers the combined cost for products and simplifies installation mounting and wiring for the OEM installation. Truly another example of smart design that solves problems and reduces cost and enables increased functionality.

Operators of non-automotive vehicles not only expect similar security and convenience features as their cars, but often, they have even higher expectations for such costly and critical machines. In the USA alone, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and National Equipment Register (NER), the annual estimate of equipment theft is between $300 million and $1 billion annually - with general consensus of $400 million and growing. Furthermore, these figures are for the equipment only and do not include the financial impact due to business interruption and other damages. Certainly an ever increasing problem for construction equipment, as thieves realize that automobiles have increased theft deterrents.

TriMark Security Solutions for Off-road Applications
There are 2 key areas of emphasis for Off-road security, namely securing the access of cab and immobilizing the machine operations. The latter is key initiative for increasing demands for USA and global owners and managers of construction equipment.

TriMark's vision for the off-road industry includes satisfying construction operator demands with emphasis on increased security, functionality, and convenience. Included in TriMark's existing and new portfolio of products are ruggedized keypads, wireless RF transmitter systems and access components with integrated sensors and micro-motors to complete the mechatronic interface for increased perimeter and system immobilization security.

With the integration of access and immobilization, TriMark provides essential elements to meet this global trend for security. TriMark has many proven systems for securing access by locking door systems, but new developments to provide increased immobilization features allows for the multiple subsystem control, such as ignition switch, starter, fuel pump, and/or transmission. Furthermore, TriMark technology incorporates SAE J1939 CAN communication for further immobilization via machine data exchange. See below diagram.

As thieves target more construction equipment, not only are equipment owners demanding more security to protect their investments, further law enforcement and insurance industry experts are organizing incentives for owners of machines. This is most prominent in the UK where these organizations provide insurance discounts for equipment with access and immobilization security. TriMark, with aforementioned core technologies, is uniquely suited to address this increasing global problem and to allow owners to realize these financial benefits.

TriMark Electronic Access ADVANTAGE:

  • Rugged and reliable systems for off-road applications
  • Compatible with CAN SAE J1939 or other vehicle multiplexing protocals (LIN or RV-C)
  • Integrated systems with modular mechatronics
  • Advanced technology expertise
  • Ability to integrate with various vehicle, machine, and equipment electronic sub-systems
  • Patented Intellectual Property
  • Full service supplier
  • Off the shelf solutions or custom hardware designs or software development
  • Excellent design and applications support
  • Global presence US, EU and Asia

TriMark's systems are designed for the intense demands of off-road industry including extreme temperature ranges, moisture, vibration, and electromagnetic characteristics but also with advanced communications to enable higher end telematics features provide user inputs and interface. These communications conform to SAE J1939 CAN protocols and enable more effective integration of intelligent modules for OEM vehicle communication architecture.

In short, TriMark's user interface products provide a communication gateway to enable OEMs to customize machine features to specific needs of operator, fleet manager and owner. Data is acquired and can be "mined" immediately or later for OEM and/or fleet management review of machine usage, diagnostics, productivity, and accountability purposes.

TriMark's comprehensive components and systems selection allows for complete keyless entry, security, and ignition control for vary levels of sophistication for on or off-road vehicles, machine, or other equipment. Standard electronic controls are available for immediate integration, but also custom adaptations can be provided for specific OEM and customer requirements. These access and immobilization systems add a further dimension of functionality, convenience and security to ever increasing advanced vehicle architecture. By networking with existing vehicle components, TriMark's modules are complementary for achieving optimal vehicle utility.

For more information, please visit www.trimarkcorp.com or call 1-800 447-0343.


Final Tier 4/Stage IV Emissions Standards Continuing Global Support from TriMark


It has been sometime since we discussed the US Tier 4/EU Stage IV emissions standards and we thought it would be appropriate to review TriMark's ongoing global support relative to hoods and cooling packs. With our strategic UK and US locations, we are uniquely qualified to provide support to literally all global OEM off-highway equipment manufactures.

As a long-time partner with most of the off-road OEM's who are working to address these challenges, TriMark has been providing application assistance, thus easing the burden on OEM engineer's time searching for the right access solutions. We continue to demonstrate that we have the experience and product selection for heavy applications to solve enclosure latching and locking requirements, within budget and schedule.

Off Highway Challenges Latching Solutions for Final Tier 4/Stage IV Enclosures
More than just emissions standards, US Tier 4/EU Stage IV standards translate into complete machine redesign, resulting in lengthened frames, movement of counterweights, revised driveline components, managing airflow and noise emissions, and forcing revisions to hood and access panels. The timeline and budget for US Tier 4/EU Stage IV integration are pushing the limits leaving engineers searching for every opportunity to provide packaging solutions while trying to hold the line or reduce costs.

Some of the challenges faced by our global OEM partners involved applications where multiple latches are needed to secure an access panel or a slam latch will not work because of heavy door seals. Because TriMark's latching and fastening solutions are designed to ensure rugged durability in off-highway's demanding conditions, many times those solutions are already at hand. Here are just several examples of TriMark latches that are available to address specific challenges:


For more information regarding TriMark's solutions for Tier 4 latching challenges or to learn more about TriMark's complete door system offerings, click here.



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