030-0875 Free-Float Flush Mount Paddle Handle

This flush mounted paddle handle is a redesign of our popular 030-0850 Flush Mounted Paddle Handle. Featuring a free-float paddle in the locked position, this robust product allows for power locking and is compliant to FMVSS 206 (ECE R11).

Designed For

  • Medium to heavy-duty on-highway vehicle entrance doors where free-float locking is preferred
  • Door weights of 23-455 kg (50-1000 lbs.)


  • Provides for multiple connection points for use on inside lock and/or power lock actuation
  • Inside lock provides override if paddle should be locked
  • Handle can be keyed to match other TriMark door products with KeyOne Plus for a single-key system or provided non-locking


  • Optional gasket for flange of housing is available to provide resistance to water and dirt infiltration
  • Optional pivot plates (please inquire)


  • Paddle and housing: Sturdy die cast zinc alloy
  • Pivot components: Zinc plated, mild steel
  • Bushing for paddle axle and thrust washer for pivot plate: Nylon 6/6


  • Available in a variety of finishes including black powder coated, high quality buffed chrome or a combination of black/chrome finish


  • Either hand version can be installed in a wide range of locations in door -- either horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Installs into current 030-0850 cut-outs

Note: Meets FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) locking requirements and may be used in FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) applications pending approval.

U.S. Patent No. 8,579,337

Individual part dimensions are for reference only. Refer to individual part drawings for compete dimensions, specifications, and installation procedures. Engineering assistance and application drawings are available.

Caution: Applications of this product may fall within the requirements of FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) and SAE J839 safety standards. These safety related requirements are dependent on door application, e.g. front and rear hinged doors, sliding doors, or hinged upward swinging doors. The entire door hardware system must be included in the design/analysis process: latch, handle, lock mechanism, cables/rods/linkages, fasteners, hinges, etc. This ensures compatibility of all components within the hardware system. If FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) is a requirement, then all of the components within the door system must comply with strength, inertia and locking requirements as specified with the Standard. Note that this product complies with FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) when tested in accordance with SAE J839 and that this product meets FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) locking requirements and may be used in FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) applications pending TriMark application approval.

Typical Uses

Typical application use illustrations are organized by Industry/System and are intended to give the user some ideas for specifying a complete system using TriMark products.

Not all Industry/System applications have typical use illustrations. If a typical use illustration is not available for your specific application, please submit a technical product information request and a technical representative can assist you in selecting a product(s) solution for your specific application.

030-0875 Free-Float Flush Mount Paddle Handle

  • Bus / Motorcoach / Mass Transit

    Exterior Personnel Doors

  • Fire / Rescue / Ambulance / Emergency Vehicle

    Exterior Personnel Doors

    Exterior Storage Compartments

    Interior Personnel Doors

  • Motor Homes

    Exterior Personnel Doors

  • Step Van / Walk-in Vans / Delivery Vehicle

    Exterior Personnel Doors

  • Trailers - Ranch / Farm / Cargo / Utility

    Exterior Personnel Doors

    Interior Personnel Doors

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CompareCatalog NumberTriMark NumberHandingFinishKey Type (Head Configuration)Key Type (Color)Key Type (Logo)KeyingKeying (Lock Cylinder Part Number)Keying (Keys Supplied)Keying (Key Part Number)Keying (Number of Keys per PN)Pivot PlateStatus CodeSample RequestCAD Drawing
0300875-1037-700000000-225073-04 Right Hand Low Gloss Black         .237A/A
0300875-1063-721001000-225073-06 Right Hand Copper-Nickel Nickel Chrome         .237A/A
0300875-1063-721001000-2 No Bracket25073-07 Right Hand Copper-Nickel Nickel Chrome         .237A/A
0300875-1063-722002000-125073-03 Right Hand Copper-Nickel Nickel Chrome         .265A/A
0300875-1099-722002000-125073-05 Right Hand Low Gloss Black Housing and Copper-Nickel Nickel Chrome Paddle         .265A/A
0300875-2037-700000000-226115-04 Left Hand Low Gloss Black         .237A/A
0300875-2063-721001000-226115-06 Left Hand Copper-Nickel Nickel Chrome         .237A/A
0300875-2063-721001000-2 No Bracket26115-07 Left Hand Copper-Nickel Nickel Chrome         .237A/A
0300875-2063-722002000-126115-03 Left Hand Copper-Nickel Nickel Chrome         .265A/A
0300875-2099-722002000-126115-05 Left Hand Low Gloss Black Housing and Copper-Nickel Nickel Chrome Paddle         .265A/A
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