020-0900 Remote Inside Release

This product was specifically designed for off-highway vehicle applications including agricultural and construction equipment that require a remote inside release. The robust construction is incorporated into round tubing for support for the opening and closing functions of the door and provides for greater ease of operation (ergonomics) over direct releases.

Designed For

  • Medium to heavy weight doors for off-highway vehicle applications
  • Doors where it is desirable to have the inside release remotely located to the latch location


  • Robust designed remote inside release is incorporated into round tubing which gives additional door structure support and assistance for the opening and closing functions of the door
  • Provides for greater ease of operation (ergonomics). The inside release can be positioned at any point along the tube for convenient location to suit the door/cab design over direct lever releases
  • The inside release is connected by a rod to the latch and includes an integrated return spring
  • The cam detail in the inside release is reversible allowing the inside release to be actuated in the opposite direction providing flexibility in the product application


  • As an inside release sub-assembly for installation into your door tube (TriMark 020-0910 Inside Squeeze Release) (Note: Requires TriMark application assistance and approval.)
  • In 25mm (.98") steel tubing diameters, painted black
  • In different tubing lengths with various inside release positions and 90 degree mounting end
  • Customization is available including formed tubing (please inquire)
  • As a complete modular system including exterior handle, direct release latch, latch striker, inside release, gaskets, mounting brackets, latch cover, door tube and all necessary fasteners


  • Inside release components: Glass reinforced nylon
  • Tubing: Painted steel
  • Mounting end: Glass-reinforced nylon with brass threaded insert


  • Easy to install - can be provided with tubing pre-fastened to latch that requires a single fastener at the mounting end to secure the assembly to the door or the inside release can be supplied as a sub-assembly that easily installs into your door tube
  • Tubing assembly - installs with a single M6 x 1.0 bolt. Glass mounting is also possible with available mushroom window fixing designed for 5-6mm glass thickness. Recommended mounting fastener torque to be 3.3 - 4.5 N-m (30-40 lbf-in).
  • The 020-0910 inside release sub-assembly installs without tools into the pipe and includes a flange that covers the tubing cutout

U.S. Patent No. 7,198,308 / 7,111,879

Caution: Product does not meet the locking requirements for FMVSS 206 (ECE R11).

Individual part dimensions are for reference only. Refer to individual part drawings for complete dimensions, specifications, and installation procedures. Engineering assistance and application drawings are available.

Typical Uses

Typical application use illustrations are organized by Industry/System and are intended to give the user some ideas for specifying a complete system using TriMark products.

Not all Industry/System applications have typical use illustrations. If a typical use illustration is not available for your specific application, please submit a technical product information request and a technical representative can assist you in selecting a product(s) solution for your specific application.

020-0900 Remote Inside Release

  • Agricultural Tractor / Combine

    Interior Personnel Doors

  • Armored Vehicle

    Interior Personnel Doors

  • Construction - Heavy Earthmoving

    Interior Personnel Doors

  • Construction - Lifting and Material Handling

    Interior Personnel Doors

  • Construction - Light Earthmoving

    Interior Personnel Doors

  • Power Sports

    Interior Personnel Doors

Please specify search criteria:

CompareCatalog NumberTriMark NumberHandingTube DiameterTube Mounting LengthLocation of ReleaseOrientation of ReleaseTube TerminationStatus CodeSample RequestCAD Drawing
0200900-1-1-1-1-1-120757-01 Right Hand 1.0 (25.4mm) 25.6 (650mm) 8.90 (226.0mm) Pivot Away From Latch 90 Degree End M6x1 MountA/A
0200900-1-1-2-2-1-120757-03 Right Hand 1.0 (25.4mm) 13.2 (335mm) 3.14 (80mm) Pivot Away From Latch 90 Degree End M6x1 MountA/A
0200900-1-1-3-4-1-027300-01 Right Hand 1.0 (25.4mm) 36.0 (914.4mm) 8.99 (228.3mm) Pivot Away From Latch NoneA/A
0200900-1-1-4-5-2-231258-01 Right Hand 1.0 (25.4mm) 24.5 (622.3mm) 19.0 (482.3mm) Pivot Towards Latch 90 Degree End Plate MountA/A
0200900-2-1-1-1-1-120944-01 Left Hand 1.0 (25.4mm) 25.6 (650mm) 8.90 (226.0mm) Pivot Away From Latch 90 Degree End M6x1 MountA/A
0200900-2-1-2-2-1-120944-03 Left Hand 1.0 (25.4mm) 13.2 (335mm) 3.14 (80mm) Pivot Away From Latch 90 Degree End M6x1 MountA/A
0200900-2-1-4-5-2-231257-01 Left Hand 1.0 (25.4mm) 24.5 (622.3mm) 19.0 (482.3mm) Pivot Towards Latch 90 Degree End Plate MountA/A
0200900-2-1-5-3-2-121867-01 Left Hand 1.0 (25.4mm) 35.6 (905.4mm) 13.84 (351.5mm) Pivot Towards Latch 90 Degree End M6x1 MountA/A
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