500-1050 e-ASK System (Sealed, CAN)

TriMark's e-ASK Systems consist of a selection of compatible components that allow for complete keyless entry for on or off-highway vehicle applications.

Components for this system are sold separately --  510-0250 CAN Module and 530-0100 e-FOB Transmitter

Designed For:
  • Incorporation into TriMark's mechanical latches, handles and systems by providing keyless entry, security and convenience for access door systems through a RF remote fob electronics interface and a security touch pad

  • 12V DC (or 24V DC) operation
  • Keyless-entry security and convenience for access door systems through an electrical interface that includes both a touch pad and remote fob transmitter for the ultimate in end user convenience and functionality
  • Easy and intuitive to operate
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Compliant to on-road, off-road, and industrial environmental requirements
  • Increased vehicle security with trigger input
  • I/O module with on-board locking and unlocking relays
  • Can control window up/down motors
  • SAE J1939 at 250K/500K or RVC to enable communications with other modules
  • Locking/unlocking confirmation
  • Lighting and auxiliary output control
  • Ability to provide four OEM definable functions from keypad
  • Variable timed light activation output (porch, compartment or interior lighting)

  • Reliable radio frequency (RF) transmission
  • High security with code hopping technology
  • Compliant to FCC-Part 15 and EU RF requirements
  • 4-button standard fob (other configurations available)
  • Customized graphics possible (buttons and logos)
  • Can add up to 4 fob transmitters to vehicle

  • Standard kit make up includes: Two pre-trained RF remote fob transmitters, IO module, and manual
  • Optional kits can include: any wiring harnesses for all connection points of system, extra relays, switches, door contacts, actuators, mounting hardware, mounting brackets, door latches, and door paddle handles
  • Fob transmitter with control of auxiliary features
  • Vertical and horizontal keypad
  • Customized wire harnesses
  • Additional fob transmitters

Use With:
  • TriMark 030-0175 Stamped Steel Compartment Latch
  • TriMark 030-0185 Stamped Steel Two Point Paddle Handle
  • TriMark 030-0400 Paddle Handle
  • TriMark 030-0425 Inside Bezel & Release Lever Assembly
  • TriMark 030-0450 Two Point Paddle Handle
  • TriMark 030-0850 Flush Mounted Paddle Handle
  • TriMark 030-0860 Flush Mounted Paddle Handle With Inside Lock Knob
  • TriMark 030-0900 Motor Home Entrance Door Hardware With Deadbolt
  • TriMark 030-1100 Two Point Paddle Handle
  • TriMark 030-2000 Two Point Free Float Baggage Lock
  • TriMark 050-0250 Single Rotor Latch & Linkage Assembly

Electronic Products and Accessories
  • TriMark 510-0250 Sealed Controller
  • TriMark 530-0100 e-FOB Transmitter

Optional Accessories:
  • TriMark 540-0100 e-PAD Keypad
  • TriMark 550-0100 Power Actuators
  • TriMark 550-0200 Solenoids
  • TriMark 590-0100 Wire Harnesses
  • TriMark 590-0200 Door Contact
  • TriMark 590-0300 Relays
  • TriMark 590-0400 Sirens
  • TriMark 590-0500 Rocker Switches
  • TriMark 590-0600 Plunger Switches
  • TriMark supplied or existing OEM security system components (e.g. motion detectors, door-ajar detectors, glass break sensors)

  • Tactile, visual, and audio feedback
  • Over 3000 code combinations with tamper lock-out features
  • Lighted keypad for more effective night time usage
  • Vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Five user codes can be assigned
  • Multiple layer code control
  • Multiple keypad integration

  • I/O module is easily installed with (2) 1/4" or M6 screws (not included) and can be mounted in a concealed location
  • Keypad is easy to install with (2) #8 or M4 flat head screws (not included)
  • Keypad can be installed in a wide range of locations in door - either horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Standard 12V DC Power
  • Easy to install and program

U.S. Patent No. 6,789,003 / 7,034,655 / 7,119,709 / 8,350,669 / 7,400,232

Design Patent No. D563,097

Please refer to individual product codes and part drawings for complete dimensions, specifications, and installation procedures. Engineering assistance and application drawings are available.

Typical Uses

Typical application use illustrations are organized by Industry/System and are intended to give the user some ideas for specifying a complete system using TriMark products.

Not all Industry/System applications have typical use illustrations. If a typical use illustration is not available for your specific application, please submit a technical product information request and a technical representative can assist you in selecting a product(s) solution for your specific application.

500-1050 e-ASK System (Sealed, CAN)

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