070-0125 Striker Bolt

Designed as a companion part for use with TriMark's single rotor latches and cage nuts that requires a .500" (12.7mm) diameter striker bolt and FVMSS 206 (ECE R11) is not required.



  • Torque to 35 ft-lbs (46.7 N-m)


  • Typical materials include AISI 4140 and AISI C10B21 steel (or equivalent), heat treated to TriMark ES-141


  • Zinc plated with clear chromate

Caution: This headless striker bolt does not meet FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) load values.

Latch & Striker Installation

  • Install striker bolt in door frame
  • Close door carefully and check for interference between head of striker bolt and latch components
  • Add or remove shims under striker bolt washer as required (outside diameter of shim should be larger than outside diameter of striker bolt washer)
  • Adjust striker bolt vertically so door is not guided upward or downward while being closed
  • Door should be latched but not "closed" in secondary position and latched to anticipated "closed" position with respect to adjacent surfaces in primary position
  • If both primary and secondary positions are not evident, readjust striker bolt
  • After installation, check door alignment and door seal pressures 

Typical Uses

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070-0125 Striker Bolt

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CompareCatalog NumberTriMark NumberShoulder DiameterThread SizeInstalled LengthThread LengthDrive Detail Internal or ExternalWasher Dia. X ThicknessStriker GuardStatus CodeSample RequestCAD Drawing
0700125-0403-0810595-0312012873-01 0.500 3/8-16 UNC-2A 0.81 0.595 0.250 Internal 1.13 X 0.11 NoA/A
0700125-0403-0910375-0512020912-01 0.500 3/8-16 UNC-2A 0.91 0.375 0.625 External 1.13 X 0.11 NoA/A
0700125-0403-1100563-0512011371-16 0.500 3/8-16 UNC-2A 1.10 0.563 0.625 External 1.13 X 0.11 NoA/A
0700125-0403-1240742-0812023204-01 0.500 3/8-16 UNC-2A 1.24 0.742 8mm Internal 1.13 X 0.11 NoA/A
0700125-0403-1490742-0512026511-01 0.500 3/8-16 UNC-2A 1.49 0.742 0.625 External 1.13 X 0.11 NoA/A
0700125-0407-1170605-0102017377-01 0.500 M10 X 1.5-6g 1.17 0.605 6mm Internal 0.79 X 0.11 NoA/A
0700125-0407-1500790-0105027761-01 0.500 M10 X 1.5-6g 1.50 0.790 6mm Internal 0.88 X 0.12 NoA/A
0700125-0407-1840810-0110020128-01 0.500 M10 X 1.5-6g 1.84 0.810 6mm Internal 1.10 X 0.15 NoA/A
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