Zinc Die Casting

TriMark pimarily die casts zinc alloy no. 3 with locking tonnage ranging from 12 to 600 tons. Parts can be die trimmed or vibratory tumbled to remove burrs and prepare for finishing.

Secondary operations are also available in-house on a variety of equipment including CNC machining centers.


Copper nickel chrome or duplex-nickel plating is available on our versatile line for zinc or steel components. This plating can be applied over a polished surface to give the part a mirror like finish. TriMark can provide a range of service categories (SC) ranging from a decorative SC all the way up a SC 4, which can service harsh external environments.

Zinc plating (ASTM B117) with clear or yellow chromate is available for steel components on our barrel line.

With TriMark's never-ending commitment to quality and respect for the environment, our plating processes are supported by a state-of-the-art water treatment facility.

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