TriMark has introduced COMMANDoor. The door fully integrates mechanical blast locks and a primary FMVSS latch with a power-assist actuation and control system to open and close the door for those vehicles with very heavy doors. The inside control handles' unique 2-axis electromechanical design allows for simple and intuitive hand motions by the soldier to activate the open and close action of the door. Additionally, the door's power-assist components are modularzied to fit in a compact space below the inside door cover.

Fully Inclusive Door Module

  • Door module contains linear door actuator, integrated control system, back-up power source, control sensors, safety strips, and all mechanical hardware to articulate door or ramp to open and closed positionsr
  • Configurable to work with electric pneumatic or electric hydraulic actuators

Intuitive Motion Control

  • Soldier can actuate combat locks, FMVSS 206 compliant primary door latch, and open and close powered doors and ramps with a single inside handle
  • The 2-axis control handle rotates to actuate blast locks and primary mechanical latch release
  • Push COMMAND handle out to open the door/ramp
  • Pull COMMAND handle in to close door/ramp
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