TriMark Quality and Environmental Policy

TriMark is a leading designer and manufacturer to the on and off-road vehicle industries. We provide latching and access solutions for the agricultural, construction, truck, recreational vehicle, power sports and enclosure markets.

TriMark is committed to an environmental management program. This involves continuous improvement in environmental performance including the prevention of waste and pollution in support of our strategic business objectives.

TriMark’s manufacturing capabilities include zinc die casting, punching, and stamping with both single station and progressive tools. Machining processes ranging from simple rod bending to the use of CNC lathes and machining centers and plastic injection molding capabilities. The facility also provides both zinc and chrome plating with additional support processes such as tumbling, buffing and assembly.

TriMark’s focus on Environmental Responsibilities to our Employees, our Community, and our Customers:

  • •   TriMark is committed to full compliance with applicable local, state, and federal environmental regulations, as well asinternational laws and codes of practice.
  • •   We will continuously work to reduce our use of energy and materials, and to decrease the amount of waste generatedwhich includes air emissions, wastewater, and solid waste. TriMark will set annual environmental goals to monitor theeffectiveness of this policy.
  • •   TriMark is committed to the purchase, use and disposal of products and materials in a manner that will best utilizenatural resources and minimize any negative impact on the environment. Recycling receptacles are setup for theseparation, collection and recycling of corrugated cardboard and paper products.
  • •   In addition, we will work with our suppliers and customers to encourage good environmental practices, reusing andreducing wasteful packaging materials and other products that are used during TriMark’s business.
  • •   This policy will be communicated to our employees and is available to our customers and suppliers on our website.

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Biocidal Products Regulation

At the present time, TriMark does not have any products that contain any active substances that would classify under the four main areas of Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012); namely disinfectants, preservatives, pest control and other biocidal products.

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Mercury Free Statement

TriMark Corporation hereby declares and certifies, that to the best of our knowledge, all Products and Components manufactureed and sold are not produced, do not contain, come into contact with, and are not contaminated with mercury or any mercury compounds.

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Registration, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals - REACH
RoHS Compliance

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