540-0200 Lighted Grab Handle with Keypad (e-GRAB)

This new product incorporates TriMark's e-ASK keypad into a stylish entry assist handle combination for RV coaches, motor homes and travel trailers. Offering increased end user convenience with high end look and feel, the grab handle provides keyless entry, security, and convenience through a keypad electronics interface.

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Designed For

  • Incorporation with TriMark mechanical latches, handles and systems by providing keyless entry, security, and convenience for access door systems through a keypad electronics interface


  • Increased end user convenience
  • Offers modern styling with high end look and feel
  • Rugged and durable construction is environmentally sealed for long life
  • Lighted keypad and handle rod for more effective night time usage
  • Tactile, visual and audio feedback with the ability to control the handle rod LED light also
  • Can control numerous entry/compartment doors with independent control of multiple door zones


  • CAN multi-plex or discrete e-PAD Keypad (reference platforms 540-0100 and 500-1000 for additional information)
  • With or without door bell feature
  • Handle rod can be personalized with manufacturer name, model, logo etched
  • Complete kit with wire harnesses and other accessories
  • With e-FOB remote transmitter integration 
  • With security system integration


  • Easy to install with (8) #8 or M4 fasteners (not supplied)
  • Cost effective modular handle requires fewer holes in sidewall than separate components for ease of installation


  • High quality polished copper-nickel-nickel chrome is durable and stylish


  • Sturdy zinc die cast alloy housing, cover and end cap
  • Cast acrylic rod in clear finish

Use With

  • TriMark 500-1000 e-ASK System (Unsealed)
  • TriMark 500-1050 e-ASK System (Sealed)
  • TriMark 500-1100 e-FOB System (Unsealed, Discrete)
  • TriMark 500-1300 e-ASK PKE System (Sealed)
  • TriMark 500-1350 e-ASK PKE System (Unsealed)

U.S. Patent No. 7,400,232

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Typical Uses

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540-0200 Lighted Grab Handle with Keypad (e-GRAB)

  • Motor Homes

    Baggage Doors

    Exterior Personnel Doors

    Interior Personnel Doors

  • Trailers - Ranch / Farm / Cargo / Utility

    Access Panels

    Exterior Personnel Doors

    Exterior Storage Compartments

  • Travel Trailer / 5th Wheel

    Baggage Doors

    Exterior Personnel Doors

    Interior Personnel Doors

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