530-0400 PKE e-FOB

Designed for selection of e-FOB's to work with TriMark's Passive Keyless Entry Systems to allow hands-free unlocking. Two FOB styles are available: wire form key holder or high style chrome key holder.

  • Operates at 125 kHz (PKE) and 433 MHz (RF) transmission (Compliant to FCC-Part 15 and EU RF requirements)
  • 4 button FOB can be used for other functions such as illumination of work lights as you approach the machine for safe entry or service of the machine
  • The key FOB can also be used a normal RF keyless entry so unlocking/locking via button presses is possible - range is approximately 50 meters
  • High security with the random numbering scheme back and forth between the FOB's and controller to prevent attacks
  • Can sync up to 50 FOB transmitters per vehicle

  • Two FOB styles are available: wire form key holder or high style chrome key holder
  • Customized graphics possible (buttons and logos)

Use With:
  • TriMark 500-1300 e-ASK PKE System (Sealed)
  • TriMark 500-1350 e-ASK PKE System (Unsealed)
  • TriMark 510-0300 PKE e-Controller (Sealed)
  • TriMark 510-0350 PKE e-Controller (Unsealed)
  • TriMark 590-1200 PKE Antenna
  • TriMark Capacitive sense enabled products

U.S. Patent No. 8,350,669
U.S. Design Patent No. D803,792 / D861,619 / D907,589

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530-0400 PKE e-FOB

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