050-0810 Single Rotor Latch Logic

This latch system is intended for occupant or exit/entry doors for specialty vehicles including ambulance, fire/rescue and off-highway vehicles (light duty) that require compliance to FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) standards. The flexible design allows for internal or external door mounting and provides automotive logic function with remote activating handles.


Designed For

  • Applications where it is desirable to have the ability to electronically lock the door
  • Medium to heavy weight door applications
  • Door weights up to 150 lbs. (68 kg) maximum
  • Door seal pressures of 25-50 lbs. (11-23 kg) recommended for best results
  • Use with TriMark 070-0201 Striker Bolt 


  • Provides automotive locking logic function
  • Mounts in doors requiring latch location remote from activating handles
  • Latch and logic has a no lock-out detail that will not allow you to lock the door unless it is closed and latched. This eliminates the possibility of inadvertently locking the keys in the vehicle.
  • The logic provides an over-ride function that automatically unlocks the door when the inside door handle is operated. This feature provides egress without having to manually unlock the door before operating the handle.


  • Right or left hand configurations (right hand shown)
  • With (4) 1/4-20 UNC or M x 1 threaded axles
  • Linkage rods available for your specific applications


  • Zinc plated clear chromate steel components
  • Linkage components are Nitrotec treated for wear resistance


  • Plastic encapsulated metal rotor and catch reduces friction and deadens the door closing sound
  • Springs: Non-corrosive stainless steel
  • Case halves: High strength steel


  • Can be mounted inside or outside of door edge
  • (4) 1/4-20 UNC grade 5 or M6 x 1 class 8.8 or better fasteners are recommended (not included)
  • Tighten to the manufacturers' recommended torque value, however, do not exceed 72 in-lbs. (8 N-m)

    U.S. Patent No. 6,494,506 / 6,695,361

    Applications of this latch may fall within the requirements of FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) and SAE J839 safety standards. These safety related requirements are dependent on door application, e.g. front and rear hinged doors, sliding doors, or hinged upward swinging doors. The entire door hardware system must be included in the design/analysis process: latch, handle, lock mechanism, cables/rods/linkages, fasteners, hinges, etc. This ensures compatibility of all components within the hardware system. If FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) is a requirement, then all of the components within the door system must comply with strength, inertia and locking requirements as specified within the Standard. Note that this product complies with FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) when tested with approved TriMark Striker Bolts in accordance with SAE J839 and that this product meets FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) load requirements and may be used in FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) applications pending TriMark application approval

Typical Uses

Typical application use illustrations are organized by Industry/System and are intended to give the user some ideas for specifying a complete system using TriMark products.

Not all Industry/System applications have typical use illustrations. If a typical use illustration is not available for your specific application, please submit a technical product information request and a technical representative can assist you in selecting a product(s) solution for your specific application.

050-0810 Single Rotor Latch Logic

  • Bus / Motorcoach / Mass Transit

    Exterior Personnel Doors

    Interior Personnel Doors

  • Construction - Lifting and Material Handling

    Exterior Personnel Doors

    Interior Personnel Doors

  • Fire / Rescue / Ambulance / Emergency Vehicle

    Exterior Personnel Doors

    Interior Personnel Doors

  • Motor Homes

    Exterior Personnel Doors

    Interior Personnel Doors

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0500810-1231031102121456-01 Right Hand M6 X 1.0 Threaded Axles Latch/Logic Set No Lock w/ Inside Release 19215-01 18789-01 None 81387 NoA/A
0500810-2131021201134792-01 Left Hand 1/4-20 UNC Threaded Axles Latch/Logic Set No Lock w/ Inside Release 20998-01 18789-01 30824-01 No NoA/A
0500810-2231011102118823-01 Left Hand M6 X 1.0 Threaded Axles Latch/Logic Set No Lock w/ Inside Release 18788-01 18789-01 None 81387 NoA/A
0500810-2231031102121457-01 Left Hand M6 X 1.0 Threaded Axles Latch/Logic Set No Lock w/ Inside Release 19215-01 18789-01 None 81387 NoA/A
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