Finishes Reference

Zinc Plating

TriMark's standard finish for steel components is clear trivalent chromate zinc plating. It is a sacrificial finish, which provides good corrosion protection and is an attractive, bright, metallic finish. This clear trivalent chromate finish will provide 96 hours of salt spray protection per ASTM B-117. Black and other trivalent chromate color finishes are also available for custom orders.

Copper Nickel-Chrome Plating (CNC or CNNC)

Commonly referred to as chrome plating, it is an electroplating process, which applies three or four layers of copper, nickel and chromium to a zinc substrate. This plating can be applied over a polished surface to give the part a high luster, mirror-like finish. TriMark can provide a range of service categories (SC) ranging from a decorative finish SC1 all the way up to a SC4, which can survive harsh exterior environments with severe abrasive conditions.
Service Categories

SC1 Mild service-indoor usage in dry, warm atmosphere
SC2 Moderate service - indoor usage subject to condensation
SC3 Severe service - exterior usage or interior usage on parts exposed to strong cleaners and saline solutions
SC4t Very severe service - exterior usage subject to severe abrasive condition

Performance Requirements

Service Categories
Corrodkote test ASTM B380 Cass test ASTM B368
One cycle with 4 hours exposure 4 hours exposure
One Cycle with 16 hours exposure 16 hours exposure
Two cycles with 16 hours exposure 22 hours minimum exposure

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an electrostatic painting process that utilizes a thermal curing of the finish that results in an excellent topcoat that is attractive, durable, corrosion resistant, and UV stable. Available in a variety of colors and glosses this finish is ideally suited for exterior applications and will withstand approximately 750 hours of salt spray resistance per ASTM B-117 and 1000 hours of exposure per ASTM G53 QUV Weatherometer testing.

Solid Film Lubricant

TriMark utilizes a permanent, baked-on solid film lubricant on many of the rotary latch components. This finish provides a low coefficient of friction and approximately 200 hours of salt spray resistance per ASTM B-117.


TriMark utilizes an acrylic E-coat as a primer for customer applied paint for enhanced adhesion and corrosion protection. Available in a medium gloss black color it has excellent adhesion, corrosion protection, and UV resistance.

Pre-Galvanized Music Wire

This is a zinc plated music spring wire finish that is applied to the wire prior to the final drawing operation. It has a uniform coating and hardness suitable for automatic spring coiling and mechanical forming operations. Corrosion resistance is 32 hours for wire 0.040 in diameter and above and 28 hours for wire 0.023 to 0.039 in diameter.

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