Information about loads on Rotary Door Latching Hardware

Loads applied to the striker bolt by door seals/gaskets are a significant factor in affecting operational efforts. This load has been referred to as 'door seal load' in the past, but this term has some ambiguity. A distinction needs to be made between the difference of 'door closing force' and 'striker bolt load'. The following are definitions of these terms:

Door Closing Force (DCF)

The force required to shut a door completely. When using rotary latch hardware in a door, this would be the point at which the striker engages into the primary position of the latch. This load would be measured in pounds or kilograms of force.

Striker Bolt Load (SBL)

The load is exerted between the latch and striker bolt when the door is fully closed. The main factor that would cause this load would be the door seal or gasket. This load is measured in pounds or kilograms of force. TriMark has developed procedures for measuring 'door closing force' and 'striker bolt loads' please click here to review.

TriMark Test Engineering has measured some door closing forces and striker bolt loads as a comparison. In most cases, the door closing forces have been more than the striker bolt load. This is apparent, due to the fact that when closing a door fully, the striker bolt is required to travel beyond the primary position of a latch in order for the catch to engage into the rotor, resulting in a higher load.

TriMark has studied this issue in detail in order to provide superior door hardware and applications assistance to meet customer requirements and expectations.

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