Materials Reference


TriMark primarily die casts Zinc alloy No. 3. This material has high ductility and excellent impact strength makes this material suitable for a wide range of uses. Parts can be cast with thin walls and the excellent surface finish allows for the application of a wide variety of finishes like painting and plating.

High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLA)

High Strength Low alloy steel provides outstanding strength, toughness, and ease of fabrication. It is used where high tensile strength is a requirement and provides a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Stainless Steel (SST or SS)

Stainless steel materials provide excellent corrosion resistance in high moisture environments. Stamped products allow for buffing and polishing which provides a bright and attractive appearance that is easily maintained. It's used in the manufacture of springs to provide corrosion resistance and long life.

Powder Metals (P/M)

Powdered metallurgy or P/M is a method of producing ferrous parts by mixing metal powders, compacting in a die and sintering to bond the particles metallurgically. The P/M process is cost effective in producing metal components to production quality tolerances without machining or scrap and can also provide self-lubricating properties.

Plastic Materials

TriMark specifies engineered thermoplastics for situations where non-corrosive, lightweight, and low cost materials are required. The plastic materials used have been carefully selected to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements for each component and/or product.

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