030-1100 Two Point Paddle Handle

This compartment latch was designed for light to medium duty storage and compartment doors. This non-handed product features a two point bell crank for remote actuation.



Designed For

  • Cross bed tool boxes
  • Truck topper and lift gate doors
  • Most storage, compartment, and access doors with single or two point latch mechanism


  • Water resistant
  • Sleek automotive styling
  • Paddle is rigid when locked
  • Single point or two-point actuation
  • Flush mount -- contoured surface
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Non-handed design


  • Non-locking or locking with shuttered key way
  • Two point actuation
  • Keyed alike
  • Keyed random. 50 key codes -- TM 901 -TM950
  • With rod collars



  • Housing and paddle: Die cast zinc alloy
  • All steel parts (axles, pivot arm, pivot plate, lock cam): Zinc plate clear chromate for corrosion resistance


  • Black powder coated


  • Supplied with gasket already applied under recess in housing flange for simple, clean installation
  • Single point #10-24 UNC mounting fastener
  • Optional mounting brackets (please inquire)

NOTE: Rod collars are not intended or recommended for use in applications that require FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) compliance or applications that have heavy or extreme Striker Bolt Loads (>25 lbs. /11 kg) and/or high to extreme usage (>100,000 door cycles/life).

Caution: Product does not meet the locking requirements for FMVSS 206 (ECE R11)

Typical Uses

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030-1100 Two Point Paddle Handle

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0301100-3037-000000000-0013559-01Non-Handed,Low Gloss Black,Non-Locking,No Rod Collars,No PowerlockA/A
0301100-3037-000000000-1014317-022-Point Paddle Handle, Non-Handed, Low Gloss Black, Non-Locking, 2 CollarsA/A
0301100-3037-12TM904000-0012395-02Non-Handed,Low Gloss Black,Single Bit Keyed Alike, Non-Master Keyed, No Key (TM904),No Rod Collars,No PowerlockA/A
0301100-3037-24TM901-950220-0012395-372-Point Paddle Handle, Non-Handed, Low Gloss Black, TM901-950, 2 KeysA/A
0301100-3037-24TM901-950220-1014061-022-Point Paddle Handle, Non-Handed, Low Gloss Black, TM901-950, 2 CollarsA/A
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