110-0105 KeyOne Plus

Gone are the days when convenience and security were mutually exclusive terms when describing key code requirements and single key access control. TriMark is featuring a single-key system for the operation of multiple locking products. The patented KeyOne Plus approach allows for a single key system that can be installed as the last step by the final stage manufacturer. With the KeyOne Plus system, you're getting an automotive-style lock with a larger body diameter for enhanced security, a high quality shutter system and perimeter waterproof seal - reducing the infiltration of dirt and water.

Available on TriMark entrance door handles and compartment locks, the lock cylinder, keyways and keys are available in a variety of codes allowing the customers' flexibility in keying a unit alike and keyed different from unit to unit without giving up overall security. Keys are available in reversible profiles which offers ease of operation, customer convenience and satisfaction.

This system also allows for certain products or locks such as a deadbolt lock to be keyed different for an added level of security or restricted access. Master keyed versions are also available, providing dealers, fleet owners, and service technician's convenience and accessibility.

This system addresses another challenge for OEM's, the logistics and line sequencing for the keyed random key codes across their various models and options mix. KeyOne Plus provides the OEM the opportunity to line sequence the key code requirements without having to order key cylinders or hardware kits keyed alike in advance of build requirements. 

One additional benefit is the opportunity to service the lock cylinder in the event of lost keys or lock cylinder failure.

Look for the KeyOne Plus logo in TriMark literature, technical publications and on the 
TriMark website at www.trimarkcorp.com for products that do not sacrifice security or convenience.

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110-0105 KeyOne Plus

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